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fibre optic installers

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We offer a comprehensive range of fibre optic installation solutions, to suit your needs.

Fibre Optics is a universal cable. It will work on many applications and protocols. For example: voice, data, Ethernet, ATM, Token Ring, CCTV, CATV, telecommunications, control systems and lighting solutions.

Whether it's an improvement to your existing backbone or a complete inter-campus network. We can help you select the correct solution for your requirement.


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We supply & install both singlemode and multimode fibre optic solutions suitable for a range of applications. As Fibre optic is not an electrical conductor cable, this makes it suitable to be installed in almost any environment at almost any distance.

We also provide a cost effective in-door fibre optic to the desktop (FODT) solution, with prices of hardware still falling. Fibre optics is the ultimate cable infrastructure.

 Whether it's to future proof your business needs, or for a highly secure network Fibre optics is the ultimate solution.


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Fibre Optic Services: 

***Testing, Fault diagnosis, Fault Finding*** ***Performance & loss*** ***Emergency Repair***

Require pre-terminated fibre optic cables - call our sales team for your requirements.

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