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Do you require a wireless LAN installation?, if so we at Alder Networks can help. We have specially trained staff who can assist with your wireless network install. No matter what size we have solutions that cater for the small to the large 256user per managed wireless switch. All wireless access points will require a CAT5e cable to each unit providing Power (POE power-over-Ethernet) and data all down one cable. As we also specialise in cabling solutions, we can offer a one stop shop solution from one source.

 Our wireless systems can be installed in many environments, these include small networks from as little as 4 PC users to large school campus environments, with up-to 256 users per managed switch

The product.

We would like to present to you an Enterprise business class solution manufactured by Netgear - Netgear Prosafe.

The Pro-Safe solution has been designed for all sizes of wireless networks for both business and education.

Why Netgear:-  

  • 54Mbps-108Mbps in Dynamic mode, 

  • point to point/multipoint bridging and repeater modes. 

  • Locate in any location with POE, 

  • Highest level of encryption with WPA 802.1x and 802.11x ready. 

  • Plenum rated, 

  • fast and easy to install and manage. 

  • Network Management software, smart switch with many features i.e network load balancing. 

  • Please see PDF's

 Whether you require a small wireless network, or a large wireless network, we can offer a solution within your budget.  

 Site survey & quotation.

Alder Networks will carry out a thorough wireless networks site survey, utilising the equipment that we recommend to create a thorough wireless networks survey of the environment. 

This will enable us to generate an accurate quote. Within the quote we will provide all areas that will be covered, and areas that are not covered providing a pure and simple quotation.

We do charge for surveys on large campuses this is redeemed if you purchase the wireless network system.

This is due to the fact a thorough Wireless networks site survey i.e. in Colleges is time consuming, the more accurate our survey is, the less hardware/installation costs will be charged to you, as we do not guess unlike some companies. 

All our Wireless Networks systems comes with a 12month free maintenance after this period we are happy to provide maintenance/support subject to our terms and conditions.

Support is available for your wireless network, this will be charged for an individual install depending on the size of wireless Networks infrastructure.

Take Advantage of New Technology


Telephone calls can be created over the wireless by using wireless IP handsets.


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