IP CCTV installers IP CCTV installers
IP CCTV installers

IP CCTV Installations

Today's World of organised crime and terrorism, the need for High Tec surveillance is paramount.

IP CCTV (Internet Protocol Close Circuit Television) is not only a tool used to deter crime, but also a tool to generate more customers, and better business productivity. How you ask?


With the use of the Internet Protocol (IP), IP CCTV cameras can be installed on an PC network.

Utilizing exiting PC network cables, also known as structured cabling CAT5e/CAT6, will reduce the cost of additional cabling. Further more by using CAT5e/CAT6 cables some of the IP CCTV cameras have POE (Power-Over Ethernet) this means additional power cables do not require to be installed saving more costs.   


By connecting IP CCTV to a PC network you have the additional functions of connecting/controlling the camera via a web site allowing Remote Monitoring from anywhere in the World. Remote monitoring allows multiple business sites to be viewed/monitored using PC's, Laptops, PDA's. 



All required data images can be recorded on to DVR (digital-video-recorders) servers and safely backed up. Simultaneous recording & remote access of live views/playback of multiple cameras at 240 frames per second.

Whether you need a CCTV system for crime prevention, monitoring production lines, or maybe to view exhibits, we at Alder networks have many years of      experience within this market. 

We are able to provide consultation, design, installation, maintenance, and most importantly train your staff.

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