IP CCTV installers IP CCTV installers
IP CCTV installers

IP CCTV - Industry Surveillance Solutions


See below for PDF links in specific industry areas. The PDF's will show you how Alder Networks can create the best surveillance solution for your needs, with in your market sector. Our IP CCTV skills will cater any solution for any environment.

IP CCTV surveillance Banking Solutions  - includes Insurance companies
IP CCTV surveillance Education Solutions - includes, schools, colleges, universities, Day nurseries 
IP CCTV surveillance Public Sector - includes, hospitals, benefit centres, passport office
IP CCTV surveillance Industrial solutions - includes construction & manufacturing 
IP CCTV surveillance Retail solutions - all shops, multiple stores, retail parks, restaurants, petrol stations.  
IP CCTV surveillance Transportation solutions - includes airports, car parks, railways, public transport 


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