Imagine Sound, Vision & lighting control ANYWHERE in your home at the touch of a button.

The ultimate in entertainment systems with custom design & installation services for all budgets.

Why not treat yourself to the ultimate home cinema system. Watch movies on a 42 wall mounted plasma screen whilst projecting sound through the award winning SONANCE range of speakers and amplifiers which are supported by THX Lucas Film Certified.


Systemline S4.4 Multi-room Distribution.

The ultimate Infra-red distribution system for hi-fi, stereo and audio devices.

Control Hi-fi stereo sound in 20 zones around your home using the latest IR controller.

Relax and enjoy inspiring technology from the comfort of your armchair. Control the system using palm tops and PDA's , add video switching and distribution.

This system won't tie you down to a set brand of equipment and it's fully compatible with all the major brands including Bang & Olufsen .

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